On the week that it was revealed a woman had made $25,000 out of selling her own farts, I go through the tunes of the week to flush out the floaters and the stinkers!

Neil Pierce & Hanlei – Wonderful You (Rhemi Music)
The vocal mix here is all about the song – all nine minutes of it. Hanlei’s vocal is outstanding as always, and is worth listening to all the way through. As for the dubs? There’s two. The organ dub is probably my pick of the two, as it really allows the aforementioned organ to shine in its own right.

Cassio Ware Feat. Dawanna Chandler – A Brand New Day (Whatszzz Up Super Star)
I don’t know why, but I’ve always been interested in big house records with optimistic, positive vocals on them. Maybe because it’s in such contrast to most other genres. Whatever the reason, this Cassio Ware production is fun. The original vocal mix is my personal favourite.

Jay Funk, True2Life & Tommie Cotton – I Can’t Stand The Rain (Pogo House)
My view of garage house has been the same for a while now. The genre suffers from a lack of innovation, a total lack of vocal singalong numbers and isn’t even especially clear about what it is. Anyone wishing to do something about that should listen to this. Big production, big chords, bigger vocals. That was always going to happen with the phenomenal Tommie Cotton on board, of course. Want garage house to become something with a long-term future? Then make more stuff following the same principles and there may be hope. A strong work.

Rightside & Takashi Kurosawa Feat. Morris Revy – Angel Of My Life (Eightball)
Morris Revy on legendary American label Eightball? No, I never quite expected this either – but such is often the way with a massively underrated talent like Revy. There’s a few remixes here, but they don’t offer much different to my choice here, the classic vocal mix.

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