One thing you’ll never find on Resident Advisor is any sense of fun. They take themselves very, very seriously indeed – when you’ve hyped yourselves up as some kind of guardians of dance music for the past 20 years, you start to believe your own nonsense.

And this didn’t change with the appointment of a new editor this year in the form of Whitney Wei. The best editors stamp their personality all over their publication – Wei, like all the editors of the dance music press, fails abysmally in this task. Hence why Resident Advisor is, despite its best efforts, incredibly dull.

Mind you, the dance music scene is known for having lots of acts in it who take themselves dreadfully seriously too. Hence why they have absolutely no idea how to handle someone like me – someone who calls people out and doesn’t take them seriously. Resident Advisor is a product of its environment, in a way.

And for the perfect example of how they take themselves seriously, let’s take a look at their coverage of a mix done for them by someone who calls themselves DJ Fart in a Club. You think I’ve made that up, don’t you? Nope!

The article I linked to fails to drop even a single pun into it. No, if you’re expecting them to let rip with a comment on the somewhat malodorous name, prepare to be disappointed. And it’s not like they normally have a good nose for this kind of thing, either.

Of course, this blog has no hesitation with writing something which leaves its mark on your brain. And having listened to the mix, I must say I appreciate the way the DJ proudly drops each track into the set – to borrow an old phrase from Dave Pearce and modify it slightly, roll another fart one.

Lesson of the day – I have a slightly strange scent of humour…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.