In days gone by, newspapers went through something that in Britain was called the silly season. Traditionally, this referenced a period in late summer when there was very little news to report. This meant newspapers had to fill their pages with more frivolous stories in order to keep their sales and advertising revenue up.

With the advent of the internet, silly season is now a permanent event – but it gets especially daft around Christmas time. Hence why the Press Association sent out a story to numerous media outlets on Boxing Day reporting the Police Service of Northern Ireland had received eight reports of UFO sightings during 2021.

Which led me to think of Kerri Chandler. As I disclosed a few months ago, Chandler is a member of METI International, a non-profit organisation who spend their days trying to talk to aliens. So in light of this news, perhaps METI should pay a visit to Belfast in the neat future?

Obviously, a visit to Stormont is out of the question – some of the politicians there almost certainly come from outer space. But maybe they could set up camp at the Giant’s Causeway and attempt to reach out to the extra terrestrials. Chandler might finally be able to carry out his plan to broadcast his music into space.

Sadly, the one thing he won’t be able to do is grace a nightclub with his presence – Northern Ireland, along with Scotland and Wales, ordered their nightclubs to close a few days ago…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.