All the way back in October last year, Duane Pelt – better known to most as Sterling Void – sent me what constituted in his mind as a legal threat. Since June 2019, I’d started writing about all the nefarious activities he’d been up to.

I wrote about how he’d fraudulently put Cleveland P Jones’s signature on a contract. I wrote about the $24 Uber scam which he pulled on newer producers. I wrote about how he lied about having a release out on Defected Records – twice! And I still haven’t blogged about what he did after his mother’s second death…

But what remained a mystery to me for some time was whether Sterling Covid, whose depressing second wave remains ongoing, was reading any of it. I was confident he was – I get the feeling that Void would get some kind of weird buzz off it – but had no concrete evidence to prove it.

Then one day, a message appeared from him in my inbox. He simply said “coming at you for slander beware”. He followed up this in the standard way that legal threats are made in his world – namely by adding “lol” at the end.

And I know he’s not the only one reading. I know for a fact Derrick May has visited at least once, and it especially delights me that he doesn’t like what he read. I wonder who else is out there?

You might as well come clean now. I’ll find out eventually anyway…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.