In a classic 1996 episode of Father Ted, Ted discovers a leak in the parochial house roof. He comes up with the idea of holding a raffle, and obtains a car as a prize. The car is subsequently trashed. They then decide to rig the raffle to avoid having to tell anyone.

On getting to the event, they meet the DJ for the night, the extremely disorganised Father Billy O’Dwyer. It’s soon revealed that O’Dwyer only has one record with him for his set – “Ghost Town” by The Specials. This is played in all its 74bpm glory for several hours.

Which means that Father Billy – and anyone else who fancies it – can continue to perform in South Korea, of all places. There’s a curious rule in place there now where music faster than 120bpm is effectively banned from exercise classes. The closure of nightclubs is less of a surprise.

Either way, if you like your early 90s house records, you’ll love it. If you’re more of a jungle at 170bpm fan? You might have to accept that any songs sound like they’re sung by Barry White for a while…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.