At the beginning of the year, DJ Sneak decided to make a vow to himself and his fans. He said he was going to have his music removed from the digital stores. Since then, I’ve been helping – although he might not see it as such – Sneak, real name Carlos Sosa, to keep to his promise.

It’s been a slow process. Now, I understand that acquiring rights back to masters isn’t an easy process – especially when it’s highly questionable if some of the many tracks sampled by Sneak on his productions over the years were cleared. It’s usually whoever owns the master who gets into trouble if the copyright holder objects…

Anyway, when Sneak started on his quest back in January, he had 613 productions up on Traxsource. It fell to a low of 572 in May. And today? It’s actually back up at 596.

That means his Traxsource Freedom Day – the day he’s free from the obviously evil duo of Marc Pomeroy and Brian Tappert – isn’t due until around the spring of 2024.

This removing your music is going great, Carlos…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.