I haven’t written on the subject of Defected for a good few weeks now. All seems to be pretty quiet on that front as the company has an awful lot to concentrate on at present – and incidentally, congratulations must be said for the hugely successful Defected Croatia festival recently.

Drumsheds is coming up at the end of September and an event in Manchester in December. Indeed, I commented on the apparent two for the price of one deal here. There’s also lots of releases coming up and I understand some work is still going on in their offices as well.

But there’s one thing not even Mr Dunmore seems able to shift – those “Jesus Loves UK Garage” tops. I’ve written twice about these pesky T-shirts – on May 26th and again on June 20th. As you can see on the Defected website, they’re still there despite claims back in May from both Dunmore and Todd Edwards that they were “limited edition”.

As for the apparent lack of interest? A source close to Defected was staying tight lipped when I mentioned the subject of late…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.