Is there anyone you can trust these days? Claude VonStroke reveals there’s a fake Dirtybird label being run right now… and he reveals how to avoid being scammed

The Simpsons broadcast an episode called “Wizard of Evergreen Terrace” for the first time in September 1998. In it, Homer Simpson tries to overcome a midlife crisis by inventing new gadgets, which mostly turn out to be hopeless. In one scene, the camera cuts to the TV – newscaster Kent Brockman is speaking and says “Authorities say the phony Pope can be recognised by his high-top speakers and incredibly foul mouth”.

One can only wonder, then, how we’re meant to identify the phony Dirtybird Records currently doing the rounds. According to label boss Claude VonStroke, this really is a problem and has had to tweet this reminder…

We already have reports circulating on the internet about fake drugs. At this rate, it won’t be long before a Twitter account is set up to share information about fake record labels. Such is 2021…

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