In an age of anodyne social media pages which are clearly run by social media managers who know everything about an algorithm but nothing about how to create posts which are actually interesting or engaging, Mr C’s Facebook page is a real breath of fresh air. He’s one of few people who I’d actively recommend following on the site – things go from very serious debates about important matters to, well, more inane stuff.

Mr C, real name Richard West, was apparently in one of his sillier moods on Monday. He simply posted, ahem, a four-lettered swear word. It’s the word Boris Johnson was repeatedly referred to as in this song. And after a few people had some fun in the comments – mostly about the obscenity itself – he came up with the idea of boosting the post.

West now claims he’s sent in the request to Facebook HQ – but at the time of publishing, there’s no word on whether the ad has been accepted or not. Facebook’s own rules do have a potential loophole within them – they say “profane language, including profanity that is partially obscured by asteriks or symbols” aren’t permitted.

But they don’t say anything about plain old presses of the space bar between letters…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.