Regular readers of Amateur’s House – or indeed, anyone who’s been here for longer than two minutes – will know this blog does things differently. The veneration of dance music DJs and such present in the mainstream dance music press is absent here. They’ll even see words of criticism and photos in which they don’t always look flattering – and often very moody.

But believe it or not, there are some people who I do like. Carl Cox, for example. Yes, he’s one of those DJs who earns gargantuan fees for what he does – but I do like the fact he takes a stand when others won’t. Or Danny J Lewis – aside from his music being brilliant, I also liked the successful campaign he helped orchestrate to get garage its own Traxsource category.

Now one grumble which occasionally flares up is the lack of female DJs on big festival lineups. Someone usually responds with “ah, but where are these female DJs so we can book them?”. And the answer can be found in places like DJane – who are currently running their poll to find the best female DJ. It’s not hard to find extremely talented DJs that aren’t men if you look, you know…

Anyway, blog favourite DJ MJ – she’s one of few DJs these days whose sets I consistently enjoy – is in the running. But the other nominees are looking all serious and stuff, the photo which they’ve chosen of Miss MJ is this…

Mercifully, DJ MJ herself sees the funny side. But since you’re here, do go and vote for her

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.