It’s a Friday night and the end of a long week at your favourite blog. And despite the fact Christmas is just over a week away, things haven’t started to slow down for the festive season yet. All I know is I’ll be damned if I’m spending a few hours on Christmas Day putting together new content.

Anyway, it’s not exactly been a good week. Covid is all over the news once again and this time, it seems to be much more widespread than it once was. But this blog can now reveal that something almost as bad, and quite possibly even worse, has happened. And it occurred in London on Wednesday.

Danny Rampling was seen in a music studio with former producer turned life coach Mark Wilkinson and a bloke that looked like a scaled down Uncle Albert from Only Fools And Horses. And here’s the evidence…

So what have they concocted? This remains a closely guarded secret for now, although the line “surprise vocalist” has me intrigued. Right now, there’s no word as to whether the “surprise vocalist” is in fact Rampling himself warbling on about a new world order.

Victor Meldrew from One Foot In The Grave once said “One thing you can be sure about in life, just when you think things are never going to get better, they suddenly get worse”. And they were pretty bad to start with…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.