Sterling Void is a man known for telling stories which later turn out to be nonsense. I should know – he once asked me to remix a song which he told me was coming out on Defected. He once claimed to be working on a book called “The Void Inside Of Me” – it has never been released.

Or there was the particularly bizarre tale, even by Void’s standards, of how his mother died for the second time and he tried to raise the miserly sum of $152 to pay for her funeral. Yes, Sterling Void – real name Duane Pelt – has a habit of making statements of highly questionable accuracy.

And this is something which hasn’t changed over the years. Infact, he was at it again this week. On Thursday, he posted a photo of a bag of money with the caption “Great day today”. Seeing the low resolution of this photo made me suspicious – so I did a reverse image search.

And look at what I found…

According to TinEye, the photo Void published first appeared online on November 8th, 2009. So either Void has developed a time travel machine and been to pick up bags of money from at least 12 years ago – or he’s once again reciting what I’d politely call terminological inexactitudes…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.