Yes, people really are that weird! Kenny Carpenter was out and about this week – and couldn’t resist commenting on the utterly bizarre sights he was treated to…

Occasionally, you’ll encounter people in the world who play with your heads. With every utterance they come out with, you will inevitably start to wonder whether they’re going mad, or are they actually the sensible ones in a bonkers world. And Kenny Carpenter is one of those people.

Recently, the legendary house DJ – who has been DJing for some 700 years – was thinking of his mortality and posted a curious picture of him sitting casually on the ground next to what he said would be his “final resting place”. Or a little while ago, he was commenting on the utterly bizarre social media trend of people wishing happy birthday to themselves.

Well, his latest utterances on Facebook are possibly the strangest yet. He comments about a woman enjoying an ice cream with her dog – for everyone’s sake, I do hope she was recaptured quickly by the authorities – before disclosing what he saw another lady do after her dog laid down some fresh stools…

I’m beginning to think it’s the world that Carpenter resides in which is mad, not Kenny…

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