It’s been quite a heavy-duty Sunday on this blog today, so let’s wrap things up for the evening with something a little bit lighter. On Friday afternoon, I wrote about the busy weekend which Judge Jules was about to have and the seemingly impossible feat he was going to attempt to achieve.

Well, it turns out he’s managed not only to do the impossible, but a bit extra on top of that. You see, he wasn’t on the radio, but twice – and both at exactly the same time. Yes, at 7pm last night, listeners might have been perplexed to discover he was not only on Kisstory doing a show playing his favourite club classics – he was also on his Global Radio show with a more modern focus.

And at 8pm, he was apparently at three different places at once. In addition to being on the radio twice, he was also at Billericay in Essex starting what was meant to be a three hour show where he did much the same as his Kisstory show – namely, milking the same cash cow he made a fortune out of in the 1990s.

Quite how did Jules do it? Sadly, he hasn’t replied to my email querying his incredible feat. So either those radio shows were pre-recorded a few days ago – or Judge Jules can now add being a master of bilocationism to his long list of career achievements. You can judge on that one…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.